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Our mission

Blueprint was founded in 2017 by Rik Gierman, a young, experienced graphic designer with a strong background in the field of digital marketing. Blueprint places a strong focus on conversion. We generate likes, clicks and leads through various online channels including facebook. Facebook has a huge reach of 1.18 billion daily users, which you can activate as an advertiser every day. Blueprint specifically develops highly converting content for this purpose, from which potential customers can quickly convert to regular customers. Blueprint uses the facebook advertisers platform as well as external resources such as online conversion pages and mobile apps. Blueprint focuses primarily on the higher segment of customers, given the background of these companies better in line with the hard goals of our campaign structure. Blueprint provides businesses with an appropriate identity on the internet. We do this with our in-house graphic designer (s). In this way, customers always continue to develop with today's technology and their media channels have been optimized in order to link up as much as possible with the martinging strategy that we apply to companies.

Do you prefer personal advice? or are you curious about what our services can do for your company? Blueprint is available at office hours from 7:30 to 16:30.

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