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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As of May 25th of 2018 the European Commission will maintain the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG),

also known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

All organizations that process personal data within the European Union must comply with the GDPR.


Business entity


Blueprint .Ltd is a tradename of Nuevo Media and Bonaire Multi Concepts Holding established in Kralendijk, Bonaire.


Bonaire Multi Concepts
Kaya Aruaco 30A
Nort Saliña, Bonaire
Caribbean Netherlands


Kaya Aruaco 30A
Nort Saliña, Bonaire
Caribbean Netherlands


Chamber of Commerce
9792 / 9793


Crib Number

Purposes and legal grounds


General Personal Data


Personal data collected through our website and or Facebook and e-mail are expressly used to maintain customer contact. This data is stored for administrative reasons. This makes it easier for us to index our customers in our customer base.




Specific notifications for our newsletter are strictly used to inform the person concerned about discounts and offers, related news in the broadest sense of the word regarding our services and services. To report the consequences of not providing personal data.
When not providing the requested personal information, Blueprint is unable to maintain good contact and we are unable to inform you in the correct manner. Personal data also includes all cookies on our website.




We take protection of your personal information very seriously. Blueprint guarantees you as a visitor that the greatest care is taken to save or share your personal data. In the Privacy and Cookie Statement we explain how Blueprint collects personal data and what happens to you with this data with your consent. We also explain how we use Cookies to improve your user experience with our website. By visiting our website to leave your personal details, you consent to the provisions of this privacy policy. All personal data collected and processed by us are handled with accurate agreement with the European General Regulation on Life Protection (AVG) Regulation EU 2016/679, also known as
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation.


Duration of storage


Personal data that are collected via contact forms are expressly used for the duration of the cooperation from the moment of the first contact to the completion and termination of the signed agreement.


Customer data administration


Blueprint stores sensitive customer data in an online database that is accessible via a secure encrypted connection. Personal data are kept for a period of 1 year and after this financial year these data will be reassessed for continuation of this form of storage. If this type of storage is not accepted, a reduction in user convenience can occur and Blueprint is not responsible for the consequences.


Inspection or rectification


Right to inspect, rectify or delete the personal data.
"Justify": at all times, users have the right to inspect the personal data provided by them. The rightful person also has the right to mention: customer or user at all times the right to make changes to the stored data. Users who wish to make changes to the personal data provided must submit this via info@blueprint-bonaire.com. Pressers will receive a message about the implemented change within 4 weeks after processing.




Users have the right to file a complaint at any time.

This can be done via the Personal Data Authority.




Necessary Personal Data


Blueprint has two categories of personal data. Personal Data and Promotional Personal Data Necessary Personal Data are necessary for the overall user experience on our media channels and offline channels.


Promotional Personal Information


Users who sign up for the newsletter agree with the general terms and conditions. These data are recorded in a secure and encrypted database via the MailChimp .Ltd e-mail platform. Specific notifications for the newsletter are strictly used to inform the person about discounts and offers, related news in the broadest sense of the word. to our services and services.


Data and third parties


Personal data collected through contact forms will never be used to be shared or sold to third parties unless the users, customer or end-user are expressly informed about this by means of additional conditions that are presented separately to the user before the user submits the data to Blueprint provided.


E-mail & Internet


Personal data that are collected via Internet and E-mail will be provided via an external medium under the name Hostnet. They are partly responsible for providing a secure and encrypted connection during the hosting and / or sending of data via external servers. These servers are located in Amsterdam. Blueprint and Hostnet use a so-called processor statement that states which services and services are provided externally.




When providing personal data, you authorize Blueprint according to the guidelines of the GDPR. The user is at all times authorized to revoke this permission.


Artikel 1 Definitions


In these conditions is meant by

Terms and Conditions
Regardless of the form in which they are made known.




The contractor with whom Blueprint has concluded an agreement.




All activities and activities that are the subject of the Agreement or any other legal act in the relationship between Blueprint and the contractor, including but not limited to, the Co-Sponsoring and Co-Registration Service and / or other services with the aid of which Blueprint serves on behalf of the contractor collect, compile and / or provide lead data.


Promotional material


The advertisements, buttons, banners, texts, questionnaire (texts and questions), response forms and other materials to be used in connection with the service with regard to the contractor and / or its services and products. Intellectual


Intellectual property


All intellectual property rights and related rights such as copyright, trade mark rights, patent rights, design rights, trade name rights, database rights and neighboring rights, as well as rights to know-how and single-line performance. Lead A (natural or right) person who may be interested in the contractor's services or products. lead data Data from Leads which are the result of the service provided by Blueprint, including but not limited to:




The contract between the contracting party and Blueprint on the basis of which Blueprint provides a service to the contractor (including the conditions).


Article 2 General




These conditions apply to all offers, agreements and other (legal) acts between contractor and Blueprint for the supply of services, whether orally, in writing, electronically or in any other form. In connection with the specific nature of the provisions of the agreement, may be deviated from it is not determined in these conditions in the Contract.




The provisions of the Agreement supersede the provisions of the conditions. If one of the provisions of these conditions is invalid or otherwise inapplicable, the other provisions of these conditions will remain in full force. Blueprint is entitled to replace the invalid or otherwise unenforceable by a similar provision that is enforceable and not void. If these conditions were applicable to a legal relationship between Blueprint and contractor is deemed to have contractor in advance agreed to the applicability of the conditions subsequently closed and conclude agreements.




Deviations from the conditions are only valid if expressly agreed in writing by Blueprint and the contractor. Blueprint explicitly rejects the applicability of any general (purchase) conditions of contractor hand.


Article 3 Conclusion of the agreement




All offers of Blueprint are free, unless otherwise stated explicitly in writing (online or offline).




All contracts awarded by contracting are binding and can not be revoked by the contractor. An agreement will be concluded by a contract of contractor accepts Blueprint writing, or, depending on no earlier because Blueprint implements the command. Blueprint is always entitled to refuse an order, for example, if it is illegal or improper.


Article 4 Implementation Services




Blueprint will work for the duration of the agreement to provide the service within the agreed time and in accordance with the agreed specifications. All terms given for guidance only and are never fatal, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Blueprint will do its utmost to take the Promotion in the survey agreed, promotional action, game, contest, or other agreed action.




If written agreement, provided Blueprint to contractor access code and password, and any other necessary information to the service, or be accessible lead contractor data. Contractor is not entitled to have third parties use the passcode and password and Blueprint fully indemnifies against all claims of third parties concerning damage or other losses resulting in any way.




Blueprint provides the service, including the lead data and other results, on an "as is" basis, with the exclusion of any express or implied guarantees, commitments, or warranties of any kind, including (but not limited to) the exclusion of warranties in respect of entitlement to property, satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose. In particular, Blueprint does not guarantee that (i) a third party, the use is not unauthorized (or will) systems required for the service, or (ii) that the delivered lead data in the context of the service will be accurate and complete, will be free of defects and suitable will be for the purpose of contracting the lead information, not even to use Blueprint if this goal is aware.




Blueprint is entitled to delay or limit the service (temporarily), for example for maintenance or adjustment of parts of the service, including but not understood exclusively, the Web site or other facilities that the service uses, without causing any right of the contracting party creates damages against Blueprint.


Article 5 Distribution Promotion




Blueprint will always do its utmost to take the Promotional specified in the Agreement in the survey agreed, promotional action, game, contest, or other action. The by supplying contractor Promotional material must meet the agreed specifications and requirements. Blueprint has the right to change these specifications and requirements tide duration of the agreement and will inform Contractor of such a change set.




Contractor is responsible for the content of it in the context of the service Promotional used. Contractor warrants that the Promotion (and any other data and information) is always correct and complete and ensures that it is not contrary to the applicable laws and regulations, does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties or otherwise is not unlawful. Contractor will always check yourself whether the contents of the Promotion (and their consequences) in line with the objectives of the agreement. Blueprint always reserves the right to refuse to Promotional, remove, not to propagate through the Service or modify without the contractor is entitled to any compensation.




If agreed Blueprint is entitled, but not obliged, to request contractor to check the Promotion. If the Blueprint Promotional controls to control by contractor, contractor shall within 2 (two) business days after receipt of this report any changes Blueprint. Thereafter, the promotional material is considered definitively accepted by the contractor.



The use of the brand, logos and displays of Customer may be used in that campaign without the written permission of contractor.


Article 6 Generation and transmission of lead data




As part of the service Blueprint will lead data in the agreed manner and on the agreed data carrier contractor provide. Contractor acknowledges and agrees that the lead data consist only of data generated by the conventional survey, promotional activity, game, contest or other action in the agreement.




The lead data has been completed by the leads themselves and Blueprint can not guarantee that part of the amount, quality, accuracy, currency and lawfulness of the lead data. Leads are (if any) by e-mail delivered as an Excel or CSV file. Leads that do not meet the criteria as described in the offer, shall within 5 working days after delivery of the lead to be delivered at Blueprint. Per Lead has to be defined what is the reason for disapproval. The report can be sent by e-mail to Blueprint through info@blueprit-bonaire.com If the report late or not coming disapproved Leads, Leads the rejected are not considered, nor credited or refunded. The inaccuracy and / or incompleteness of the data shows the right Blueprint to payment by Customer of the agreed fee (s) affected. Blueprint Contractor grants a non-transferable, non-exclusive and limited right to use the data lead. Contractor shall guarantee that in the use of the Blueprint will abide by the terms, restrictions, and powers included in the agreement (including the terms and conditions), including without limitation, but not limited to, conditions and restrictions with regard to the use purpose agreed frequency, medium (e-mail, telephone, mail or otherwise) and expensive.




Contractor is not entitled to the lead data outside the agreed terms and powers to make full or in part, be reproduced or used for any other purpose, in any way whatsoever. Contractor guarantees that he will always use the latest version of the lead information and that he dates indicated by Blueprint requested by Blueprint (included which include but not exclusively, data on persons who have lodged a complaint with Blueprint) was at the by removing it will lead data used and disposed of, and will hold any further use thereof will cease and desist will hold.




Contractor Blueprint will always notify you of any "non-responses". If people from the lead contractor data to make a request for their (personal) data block, see or delete contractor will grant the request still stood at Blueprint and set the application up to date. Contractor will continue prior to the notification to Blueprint do its utmost to establish the identity of the applicant.




Contractor will make all appropriate arrangements to take technical and organizational nature to protect the Lead Contractor lead data will use not such that it: the privacy interests are harmed natural persons recorded in the lead data is breached the agreed purpose, in practices prohibited by the agreement (including conditions) and the applicable laws and regulations including, without limitation, the relevant laws and regulations in the field of email marketing, telemarketing, do-not-call registry and use cookies, two reputations of Blueprint contrary, Blueprint is entitled to by adding a number of verification at its disposal addresses.If these monitoring data show that contractor does not adhere to the agreed use, thereby making full proof of his shortcoming, subject to proof his part.




Contractor accepts by placing the order that such monitoring or addresses will be added and Blueprint checks will (do) on possible unauthorized use carry. In case of acting contrary to Article 6.2 t / m 6.6 forfeit contractor automatically law (per offense) to Blueprint non amounting to $ 5,000, contractual penalty susceptible to moderation or settlement - (five thousand dollars) per violation and every day or part thereof that the non-compliance continues, without prejudice to the right of Blueprint to compensation for the sustained and suffered damage and notwithstanding any other her right.


Article 7 Participation by contractor




Contractor shall, to the extent reasonably necessary, make timely cooperate in the execution of the agreement. Contractor will be required for all including timely delivery of services Promotion Materials and / or provide information in the manner agreed.




Contractor will ever fully meet all agreed and Blueprint (on the website) published guidelines on the use of the service and lead data. Contractor shall ensure that his use of the services corresponding to the agreed purposes, is not contrary to the applicable laws and regulations, does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties, or otherwise not unlawful. Contractor shall refrain from any action, in the broadest sense, the reputation of Blueprint, also including its services, could affect.




Contractor is not entitled to give to transfer its rights or obligations under the contract to a third party or third parties to use, unless Blueprint has granted express written permission. Blueprint uses tracking codes in response pages. It is not allowed the advertiser to change the tracking code (without written permission) or remove for the duration of the contract. If this happens without permission Blueprint is entitled to terminate the campaign immediately, bringing the total agreed to deliver maximum number of leads over the agreed contract directly charge, plus a fine of at least $ 5,000 per violation


Article 8 Fee and payment




Contractor is to Blueprint fees payable as agreed in the contract. All-in Blueprint his fees, unless otherwise expressly stated in dollars, not including ABB and other charges. The fees may include non-recurring amounts, monthly or other periodic amounts and amounts that depend on the use of the service or the size of the data supplied lead.




Blueprint brings the amounts owed by contracting through an invoice each charge. For determining the amount of the invoice data from the records of Blueprint are leading. Blueprint is always entitled to request an advance payment of fees. Payment must be made in the manner indicated by Blueprint. Unless expressly another payment has been agreed, payment must be made of the entire invoice amount within 14 (fourteen) days after the invoice date.




Any action is not permitted by the contractor on the suspension, settlement or subtraction. If the contractor invoice not paid within the payment, the contracting party without further notice in default. From the date of default Contractor statutory interest plus 3% payable and all extrajudicial costs incurred by Blueprint to collect the claim against contractor, unless otherwise agreed. Blueprint is entitled to examine the creditworthiness of contractor. If desired contractor shall, on demand of Blueprint, to provide sufficient security for the performance of existing and future obligations to Blueprint. Blueprint in such a case will not deliver the services until the desired security is obtained.


Article 9 Intellectual property rights




The Intellectual Property Rights in the lead information and services Blueprint made available under the agreement remain with Blueprint or the third party from whom Blueprint has obtained the right to (a part of) these services contractor available set. The Intellectual Property Rights in all other material contractor makes available under the agreement Blueprint remain with the contractor or third contractor who obtained to make the material available to Blueprint law.




Contractor Blueprint grants the right to use these materials for the execution of the agreement. There is no provision in the agreement of the conditions is intended to complete or partial transfer of intellectual property rights to the contracting party. Contractor acknowledges these rights and will refrain from any form of (in) direct infringement remember these rights, on pain of forfeiture of the penalty provided for in Article 6.8.




Contractor warrants that he made available materials, including but not limited to promotional material, do not infringe rights of third parties and that it is entitled to make these materials available Blueprint. Contractor may not remove indications of holders in respect of Intellectual Property Rights. The same applies to communications that certain information confidential. article


Article 10 Data protection and confidentiality




Contractor warrants that he obtained as a result of the service lead data exclusively in compliance with all obligations under the laws and regulations in the field of personal data protection.




The parties undertake to keep confidential all data received from the other party of which they know or should understand to be confidential, unless a legal obligation to disclose such information. The party receiving the confidential information shall only use it for the purpose for which it was provided. Parties also impose the obligation referred to in 10.2 on their employees as well as by them to implement the agreement, third parties.


Article 11 Liability




Blueprint is not liable for damages suffered by contractor, unless such damage was caused by a breach in the fulfillment of the agreement by Blueprint, in which case Blueprint is only liable for direct damages. Under "Direct damage" shall solely mean:

• The costs of the contractor within reason to remedy the breach of Blueprint or lift, so that the performance of Blueprint does comply with the agreement;

• Reasonable costs for longer continuous operation of the old system of the contractor, minus the savings;

• Reasonable costs incurred to prevent or limit such damage and reasonable costs to determine the cause and extent.




The total liability of Blueprint will never exceed the total fee agreed for the service. If there is an agreement with a term exceeding one year, the stipulated fee determined by the total of payments is stipulated for, when the failure occurs, current year. In no event shall the total compensation will exceed $ 2,000, - (two thousand dollars) per event, whereby a series of events is regarded as one event. Any liability of Blueprint for indirect damage, including but not limited to, consequential damages, lost profits, loss of business, damage due to fines or other penalties from regulatory bodies or claims Leads is completely excluded.




Without prejudice to any other right accruing to Blueprint, Blueprint Contractor shall fully indemnify against all damages, fines and costs (of any kind) arising from claims and claims by third parties; and / or by regulatory bodies or courts imposed sanctions (including fines or penalties) in respect of the actions of Contractor or third parties engaged by him in breach of the agreement (including conditions) and / or the relevant laws and regulations. If as a result of acts or omissions by the contractor or its contractors, a regulator or court proceeds to the imposition of sanctions against Blueprint, including the shutdown of the company Blueprint, Contractor will all damages and costs resulting from these sanctions fully reimburse Blueprint.




The liability of Blueprint grounds of breach in the performance of the contract occurs only if Principal Blueprint of default immediately and properly, stating a reasonable period to remedy the breach, and Blueprint even after expiry of the reasonable period attributable to perform continues to fail its obligations. The notice must contain a detailed description of the failure, so Blueprint able to respond adequately.




Condition for the existence of any right of the Customer to compensation is always that Customer report the damage as soon as possible but within 14 days of its occurrence in writing to Blueprint. Blueprint can be held responsible by the client never for conversion and / or returns of delivered leads. If the performance of the agreed services and / or delivery of goods and / or materials is not possible or appropriate, BluePrint will only be liable within the limits of Article 12.




Filing a complaint does not relieve contractor never his (payment) obligations towards Blueprint and can not suspend these obligations, everything unless an appeal is made to suspend a pending proceeding and then only until that procedure statement is made, or the dispute settled amicably


Article 12 Force majeure




Blueprint will not be liable for damages in respect of delay in the performance or non-performance of any obligation under the agreement, if for Blueprint changes resulting reasonableness is not possible due to fault of Blueprint and / or outside of its sphere of risk lying amending the existing conditions when entering into the obligations. If fulfillment of the agreement not reasonably Blueprint can be expected due to force majeure or comparable circumstances, the implementation of the agreement will be suspended for a period not exceeding three months, after which the parties consult on interim amendment or termination of the agreement.




Force majeure, as referred to also include strikes in the previous paragraph, if not directed against the policy of the company Blueprint, as well as force majeure and / or default of suppliers of Blueprint and prevention of (timely) performance due to government - measures.


Article 13 Suspension


Blueprint is entitled to the execution of the Agreement (including the license with respect to the lead data provided in Article 6.2), wholly or partially suspend if contractor fails to perform its obligations under the agreement, or if Blueprint suspect has the contractor violates 5.2, 6.3-6.7, 9.4, 9.5, 10 or reasonable fear has the contractor can not meet its payment obligation, without prejudice to any other right accruing Blueprint. Suspension relieve contractor never any payment, in respect of services already provided by Blueprint. Once contractor still complies with the agreement and / or provide sufficient security to meet its obligations and.


Article 14 Duration of the agreement




Unless expressly agreed otherwise, all agreements have an initial term of one (1) year. Then the agreement tacitly renewed for a period of 1 (one) year unless the agreement is terminated in writing by either party no later than three (3) calendar months prior to the subsequent period. Without prejudice to any other rights, parties are entitled to the agreement without judicial intervention and without notice with immediate effect to dissolve completely or partially if the other party:


• Moratorium has applied for or been granted to it;

• Able been declared bankrupt or a bankruptcy petition is filed.



Without prejudice to any other rights, Blueprint is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect in whole or in part, if the contracting party fails to meet its obligations under 5.2, 6.3-6.7, 9.4, 9.5, 10. Cancellation or rescission of the contract relieves contractor never any obligation of payment for services already provided by Blueprint. Amounts invoiced Blueprint for the termination in connection with the no it has already performed or delivered pursuant to the Agreement shall be at the time of termination due immediately. The provisions are intended by nature to survive termination of the agreement, shall survive such termination unaffected.


Article 15 Final Provisions




Blueprint is entitled to implement the service using third-party services. Blueprint is also entitled to its rights and obligations under the agreement in the context of a transfer of its business to be transferred to a third party.




Blueprint is entitled at any time to change the conditions.




The change will be through the Blueprint website or otherwise to contractor will be announced. If contractor does not wish to accept the change, the contractor is entitled to the agreement, within 14 (fourteen) days after the publication, in writing, by the date of the change will go into.




The agreement is subject to Dutch Caribbean law in combination with Dutch law. Any disputes that may arise from the agreement will be submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands.

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